• This version is suitable for drag race. There are different wheel drive ways for different vehicles, 2WD and 4WD; the coilover setting will be different.
  • To adjust the bottom mount to reach the ride height desired and no need to compress the spring then causes unnecessary bounce.
  • 32 different damping settings are able to response the varieties of road conditions, model, tires and HP.
  • Wishbone design made up of aluminum material to reduce ride height adjustable is avoided to compress and the weight of vehicle.
  • McPherson design coilover comes with pillowball top mount to adjust camber for stable in the acceleration of the drag race.
  • Our design is oil and gas separately for monotube.There are φ44mm pistons in the strut which can contain large amount volume of shock oil for handling everlastingly and prevent the shocks from exhaustion after long-term use and absorb the bumps caused by the uneven roads.
  • Each of our versions use the highest density foam for buffing, is not use general rubber.Because the foam have the highest density space, which absorb the huge compression force. Even if the cost of the foam is higher than rubber, we adhere to offer the best quality at the lowest cost.
  • Monotube design is adopted for this coilover system as it can retain stable damping.We use use standard coilover oil (IP shock absorber oil) with the leading brand of Japanese NOK oil seal.The spring is manufactured by the high specification SAE9254 material with A6061 aluminum combating extreme weather to avoid the rusty when it snows or rains.
  • McPherson coilover can choice 3D pillowball top mount, is able to adjust the camber and caster for adjust to the optimal angle.
  • The "model year" defined for each application on our website might be different from the ones in each country; therefore, please confirm the "production years" with us if you cannot make sure.