Comment Questions

Q1  What’s the Border suspension package weights and measurements ?

71 x 48 x 20 cm and the weights depends on the applications which around 21-29kgs .

Q2   Does Border coilover offer warranty services?

Yes, we offer 1 year warranty limited.

Q3   All applications come with pillowball top mounts?

Most of McPherson coilover kits equip pillowball top mount, please refer to our application list.

Q4  How to inspect the unusual sound?

The coilover noise might result from 3 possibilities as below:

    • Improper installation .
    • Vehicle itself.
    • Defective suspension .

Please confirm:

Above three possibilities are the causes of shock noise as long as noise comes from shock itself, and we will take responsibility forreplacing the defective parts; however, the vehicle’s owner or installer must understand exactly what part to cause shock noise; otherwise replacing any part that is not dead on the target just wastes cost and time. Checking what part to create the noise is essential to the problem before you ask for the parts to be replaced. Otherwise, all efforts to try to make things right are in vain Please carry out the following instructions step by step to make sure where the shock noise comes out. Warning!! If the delivered replacement parts are sent wrong and cannot fix the problem due to your failure in examination of what part to be exactly fixed, the cost of all parts being sent to you will be borne by you.

(1) Once shock leaking is found, it can be replaced for warranty from the place where you purchase the kit once the warranty is proved .

(2) When the vehicle is in standstill, if there is type of sound like ‘DONG ~ DONG ~ DONG’ while you are turning the steering wheel,Please check if plastic bearing or metal rings are defective. Greasing these parts can fix the problem.

Q5  Can I change my spring rate?

Yes, it is. Please inform before confirming the order. We will not recommend you to change the spring rate a lot but the racing vehicle is exception.

Q6  Can I install spring for other manufacturer?

We will not recommend you to choose spring from other manufacturer. The design, materials, and setup of travel are all difference, it might cause oil leaking and unusual sound and warranty void as well.

Q7  Do you offer the customized services?

Yes, we have. We are the professional coilover manufacturer; there is R&D team to customize issue. Please contact our local dealer for further information.