• Monotube design is adopted for this coilover system as it can retain stable damping and have varieties of responses on uneven roads and bumps to keep the comfort. Avoid to high temperature bubbles generated by rapid actuation result in unstable damping
  • our design as high performance suspension with 32 way damping setting.By increasing 35% damping and spring rate setting, it is suitable for weekend track day and aggressive driving.
  • Wishbone design coilover comes with A6061 aluminum top mount; Most of McPherson design for front wheel coilover comes with pillowball top mount to adjust the camber of tires, for better vehicle stability when getting the tires turn.
  • A movable lower mount is adopted; both ride height and preload can be adjusted by the adjustable lower mount. The ride height can be dropped 60~100mm from OE ride height for your reference.
  • The spring is manufactured by the high specification SAE9254 material. The spring rate is more stiffer than street version.
  • The combination of McPherson coilover and camber, bottom mount, are made of high specification steel materials to enhance the safety and durability.
  • Every coilover that we produce must use standard coilover oil (IP shock absorber oil) with the leading brand of Japanese NOK oil seal.
  • Our coilover use the highest specification materials and the coilover produced under the highest specifications, allowing our agents and dealers to avoid a set of coilover for two or more repairs.Easy installation.
  • Each of our versions use the highest density foam for buffing, is not use general rubber.Because the foam have the highest density space, which absorb the huge compression force. Even if the cost of the foam is higher than rubber, we adhere to offer the best quality at the lowest cost.